Do Tarantulas Spin Webs?

Many spiders spin webs that serve as homes and traps for prey. These webs are spun from silk thread produced from spinnerets. Tarantulas are also capable of producing silk and can use it for similar purposes, depending on species. Many of the arboreal tarantulas make silken homes in tree holes or other crevices. Even the burrowing terrestrial species use silk to line their burrows, and some use silk to create door-like entrances to their burrows.

The tarantula’s silk acts as an alarm system, alerting the arachnid to the presence of threat or prey outside its home. If the intruder is potential prey, the tarantula will capture and subdue it. Silk may also be utilized to form molting mats. These woven structures provide a resting place while tarantulas shed their old exoskeletons and wait for their new ones to harden. Tarantulas’ molting frequency depends on the species and age of the tarantula. Male tarantulas also can produce silken mats on which they deposit their sperm. They collect the sperm into their pedipalps which they use to copulate with the females.

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