Domestic House Spiders

Domestic house spiders (Tegenaria domestica) are also known as barn funnel weaver spiders. Domestic house spiders are present throughout the world and thrive within human dwellings.

Similar to other funnel weaver spiders, domestic house spiders create funnel-shaped dwellings. Spiders reside in the narrower end of these tunnels, emerging when prey is nearby. The web of the domestic house spider also acts as a mating ground. Males do not live as long as the females and may be consumed by females after mating.

At 12 mm in length, females are considerably larger than males. The body of the domestic house spider is comprised of the cephalothorax and the abdomen. Domestic house spiders have four pairs of hairy legs. Their bodies are also hairy and brown in color, exhibiting darker abdominal markings.