Green Jumping Spiders

Green jumping spiders (Mopsus mormon) are known to be sexually dimorphic, displaying different physical features based on gender. They predominately are found in Australia. The bite of the green jumping spider may prove painful but not medically threatening to humans.

While all green jumping spiders are colorful, males tend to be more so. Their bodies are light green in color, while their heads are dark red and black with tufts of white hairs. The abdomen of the male green jumping spider is primarily green but is marked with white. Two black lines may also be present upon the abdomen. The legs of the green jumping spider range in color from green to dark red.

Green jumping spiders reside within nests comprised of three compartments. Males reside in one, females in a second and egg sacs occupy the third. Nests also feature openings at both ends and what appear to be hallways leading from one compartment to the next. Unlike many other spiders, green jumping spiders are known to hunt for prey during the day. While they hunt, these arachnids leave a line of silk behind to protect them against a fall.