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Hobo Spider Identification

Hobo spiders are an invasive spider found in the Pacific Northwest United States. Hobo spiders belong to the Family Agelenidae, a group of spiders known for their funnel-like web construction. These arachnids spin horizontal layers of entangled silk threads that serve as detection devices and traps for potential prey. Silk strands are gathered into a tubular mass at one end, forming a hiding place for the hobo spider. Males may enter buildings searching for females to mate.

Hobo Spider
Hobo Spider

Hobo spiders exhibit varying hues of brown. They resemble many other common spiders such as wolf spiders and, some people have mistaken them for the brown recluse spider. The best characteristics to identify a hobo spider are difficult to see with the naked eye. Proper identification is best left to a professional with the experience and the tools to perform a proper identification.

Should you suspect hobo spiders in your home, enlist the assistance of a pest management professional for identification and extermination. While not known to be medically threatening to humans, if someone is bitten and has medical concern, speak to a medical professional.


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