Hobo Spider Oregon

The hobo spider (Tegenaria agrestis) is an invasive spider species found in parts of Oregon as well as other states in the Pacific Northwest. The spider builds funnel-shaped webs with a platform leading to the entrance. The spider will rush out and prey upon insects or other suitable prey that land on the web. Females typically stay near their webs. Males are the most commonly encountered as they wander in search of mates. Their wandering may lead them indoors and into contact with people.

An early study on the spider indicated the venom was necrotic and would cause lesions. The study caused a great deal of concern that the spider would cause significant harm to people living in its range. Later studies have dispelled this since they did not find the venom is likely to cause significant injury. Reports of hobo spider injuries are more likely the result of other sources such as bacterial infections of the skin or even reactions to medications. If a necrotic lesion is observed, consult a medical professional