Hobo Spiders

Facts, Identification & Control

Latin Name

Tegenaria agrestis


Tegenaria agrestis are known as hobo spiders and aggressive house spiders. Because of its common features and color, the hobo spider can easily be confused with other spiders. The hobo spider female measures between 11 to 14 mm in body length. Its brown legs are solidly colored and exhibit no markings. Females have slightly larger abdomens than males. The males have a swollen appendage that appears menacing, but is merely the hobo spider’s reproductive organs.

Behavior, Diet & Habits

Hobo spiders rely heavily on the web construction’s ability to trip or tangle insects. Their webs are funnel-shaped, allowing the spiders to remain hidden in the narrow end until prey arrives. Hobo spiders descend upon their prey as it struggles to gain its footing.

Hobo spiders weave webs in the shape of funnels. The web vibrates when prey is caught in its tangled threads. Hobo spiders reside in the narrow ends of these webs and emerge when prey is present. Hobo spiders feed on various insects and may also consume other spiders.


As with most spider species, female hobo spiders have larger abdomens and are larger than males. Females can grow in excess of 14 mm in length, while males are rarely longer than 11 mm. Due to their brown hue, hobo spiders might be confused with brown recluse spiders but they occur in very different parts of the country and also have a distinctly different appearance. Recluses have six eyes arranged in pairs but hobo spiders have eight eyes clustered together.

Signs of a Hobo Spider Infestation

Funnel-shaped webs and the spider are the signs of their presence.

More Information

As a species of house spider, hobo spiders are most commonly found in and around human dwellings and work spaces. They inhabit lesser-used and dark areas of such places, thriving best in humid conditions. Hobo spiders may also be found beneath rocks and among woodpiles outside.

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