House Spiders

Facts, Identification & Control

Latin Name

Parasteatoda tepidariorum


A house spider’s body is divided into the cephalothorax and the abdomen. Like scorpions, mites and ticks, house spiders are wingless. They are classified as arachnids rather than insects and have eight, single-lens eyes. house spiders

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Behavior, Diet & Habits

House spider webs are irregularly shaped and can be located in various places within a home, including windows, ceiling corners and above or beneath fixtures. House spider webs are constructed of thin silk threads. They serve both as dwelling places and as traps for prey. House spider prey is paralyzed by venom injection before being broken down by digestive juices. As a result, prey is liquefied to allow for consumption.


Females deposit approximately 250 eggs inside a silken sac. She may create 17 total sacs in her lifetime.

Signs of a House Spider Infestation

Signs of house spider infestations include the spider and their webs.

The first step in controlling house spider populations is locating possible entry points. They often enter through gaps around windows and doors. Sealing these openings is critical to reduce possible future house spider invasions. Window and door screens can prevent the entry of other insect pests, and the use of door sweeps is suggested. Cracks and other voids within walls and foundations should be sealed with caulking. Following exclusion, homeowners may choose to vacuum to remove webs and egg sacs. Outside, webs can be knocked down.

If house spiders are invading, contacting a pest management professional can be the best solution, since they have the knowledge and tools to manage them.

More Information

Of the many species of identified spider species, house spiders are one of the most frequently found in human dwelling places. Although their presence is discomforting, house spiders do not possess medically threatening venom. Several spider species are considered house spiders. One of the most prevalent house spider species is the common house spider, also known as the domestic house spider.


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