Jumping Spiders and Wolf Spiders

Jumping and wolf spiders are both spiders that actively hunt for their prey. Their prey usually consists of insects and other arthropods, including other spiders. Wolf spiders often are found hunting along the ground such as in leaf litter and grassy areas. Jumping spiders often hunt off the ground in vegetation such as shrubs and weeds. Neither spider uses a web to trap prey, though they still can produce silk. Jumping spiders use their silk as a safety line when they travel across large gaps and wolf spiders wrap their eggs in a silken case.

Both spiders are visual predators, unlike many of the web-building trapping spiders. In fact, jumping spider eyesight is extremely good and even plays a role in their mating process. Males will perform dances to entice females.

Both spiders have the potential to come indoors. Wolf spiders often scurry under gaps below doors, and jumping spiders accidentally may be carried in on people. If there are concerns with spiders invading, contact a pest management professional.