Jumping Spider Identification Key

Behaviorally, jumping spiders are classified under a category of arachnids that do not spin webs and that are diurnal. Jumping spiders have eight differently sized eyes distributed in three rows. Their legs tend to be short and stout. Using color to identify a spider can be useful for certain species. Size and body build may also be utilized to identify a spider depending on species.

Hence, identifying jumping spider species from among other spider species may prove challenging without the assistance of an identification key. Also known as the dichotomous key, this method relies on selecting from a list of choices. The choices are presented in a pair where one will apply and the other will not. Based on the one that applies, the identifier is directed to another set of choices. The process repeats until the identifier arrives at the terminal choice. Keys exist for many levels of taxa, including Order, Family, Genus, Species, etc. Keys often are location-specific such as a key to the jumping spiders of a particular state, though some are worldwide, depending on the group.