Life Expectancy of a Tarantula

The life cycle of the tarantula depends on the species. The life cycle begins with the mating process, during which males leave their territories in search of mates. After performing a specialized courting ritual, males fertilize females and then move on quickly, as females are sometimes known to devour their mates following sexual contact. However, males that resist consumption rarely survive more than a few months following copulation.

Females deposit their eggs into cocoon-like structures known as eggs sacs. These eggs incubate for a period of time and hatch into young tarantulas, which molt several times as they grow. Molting continues throughout the life of the female tarantula. Males usually cannot successfully molt after they become mature. The intervals between molts grow longer as tarantulas mature. Male tarantulas typically do not live as long as females, with the female of some species living up to 35 years.