Michigan Crab Spiders

Plant-dwelling crab spiders are present in Michigan. Some species are dependent on one particular plant, while others are capable of blending in and making use of various plants. Crab spiders may be found dwelling in and imitating grass habitats. Bark-dwellers are also present in Michigan and are capable of resembling thorny facades. Other species resemble seeds.

A common type of crab spider found in Michigan is the running crab spider. Unlike other crab spider species, these arachnids are not dependent on flowers or plants to catch prey. Rather, their camouflaging abilities are put to use imitating the soil on which they travel. Some of these crab spiders reside on sandy ground and are brown or tan in color. Others live on gravel or cement areas and may be black or gray. Michigan crab spiders feed on crawling insects native to their habitats, such as ants.