Pink Tarantulas

A well known pink tarantula is the pink-toed tarantula (Avicularia avicularia). Typically dark in coloration, some specimens have pink hairs on their abdomen, and most have pinkish hairs located at the end of their legs, hence the name. Pink-toed tarantulas are solitary, docile arachnids.

A related species of the pink-toed spider, the Antilles pink-toed (Avicularia versicolor) changes color as it matures. Newly hatched spiderlings bear blue markings. As spiderlings grow, these markings turn light pink and eventually redden. Antilles pink toe tarantulas prefer arboreal dwelling places.

The Brazilian salmon pink tarantula (Lasiodora parahybana), is not as docile as other tarantula species. These spiders consume various prey, including invertebrates like insects and vertebrates like snakes or lizards. They can grow up to 25 cm in size.

The Mexican pink leg tarantula (Brachypelma klaasi) is a rare spider native to the humid, deciduous forest zones of Mexico. As with most tarantulas, females grow larger than males.