Tarantula Habitats

Tarantulas are located in many parts of planet and are capable of thriving in tropical or dry regions. The South American rainforest is home to a number of tarantula species and others can be found in Africa, Asia and India. Several regions of the Australian continent are also home to tarantulas.

Nearly all of the documented tarantula species within the United States are located in dry habitats. Desert tarantulas are found in Arizona, New Mexico and the desert regions of California, as well as in other states.

Unlike other spiders, U.S. tarantulas do not weave visible hanging webs as dwelling places. Rather, these arachnids make their homes in burrows within the ground or the natural crevices of rocks and trees. Upon locating a potential lair, tarantulas use their silk to line the space including the entrance. This silk helps warn tarantulas of movement at the exterior, such as from possible prey.