Tarantula Spider Body Parts

Tarantulas have strong exteriors known as exoskeletons. The tarantula’s body is comprised of two major parts: the prosoma, also known as the cephalothorax, and the abdomen, or opisthosoma. These two parts are joined by a pedicle, or pregenital somite, which is perceived to be the waist of the tarantula’s body. This pedicle is crucial to the mobility and agility of the tarantula, as it allows the opisthosoma a larger range of movement.

The eight legs, pedipalps and fangs of the tarantula are also connected to the tarantula’s body at the prosoma. The chelicerae, or fangs, which release venom, are located below the tarantula’s eyes. The legs of the tarantula are seven-segmented and feature retractable claws, which are used for climbing. Hairs present on the legs are also useful in climbing upright or slippery surfaces.