Brazilian Black Tarantulas

Brazilian black tarantulas (Grammostola pulchra) are named for their deep color. They are darkest immediately after molting, although the legs of the Brazilian black tarantula often bear gray hair. Adults measure 12 to 15 cm and do not reach maturity until their seventh year. These tarantulas are capable of living for over 20 years.

The Brazilian black tarantula is tame in temperament and moves slowly. They reside within deep burrows. Under observation, Brazilian black tarantulas are known to burrow immediately after being disturbed.

Brazilian black tarantulas are found in tropical jungles, as well as grassland regions. They hunt for crickets, mealworms and lizards. Young mice also comprise a large portion of the Brazilian black tarantula’s diet. Young Brazilian black tarantulas may consume pinhead crickets, flightless flies and smaller insects. These tarantulas are capable of surviving for months without eating.