The Mexican Redknee Tarantula’s Predators

Mexican redknee tarantulas may fight with and kill one another when competing for resources. Females may consume males after mating. These tarantulas also fall prey to lizards, snakes and some birds. Another threat to the Mexican redknee tarantula is the tarantula hawk wasp. These wasps grow up to 5 cm long, making them larger than most other wasps. They have bluish-black bodies and rust-colored wings.

Tarantula hawk wasp adults feed on plant nectar. Their larvae, however, need a animal host to feed. The adult females seek tarantula burrows and vibrate their bodies in mimicry of prey. When the tarantula emerges from its burrow to investigate, the wasp stings the tarantula and lays her eggs inside the immobilized arachnid’s body. The tarantula remains alive and paralyzed until wasp eggs hatch and the larvae begin to feed upon it.