Tropical Jumping Spiders

Although jumping spiders can be found in desert, mountain and temperate climates, they reside in the largest numbers in tropical environments. Tropical jumping spider species are often more colorful than those found in other climates.

One of the most renowned species of tropical jumping spiders is the clown spider or green jumping spider (Mopsus mormon). Green jumping spiders measure up to 18 mm in length and exhibit sexual dimorphism. Males exhibit different coloration and possess beard-like hair on the head. The face of the female is dappled brown and white.

Tropical environments also host the Portia fimbriata, a tropical jumping spider covered in tufts of hair that resemble lichen. These arachnids measure approximately 1 cm in size and exhibit peculiar spotting patterns. Portia fimbriata is often mistaken for decaying, organic matter, which discourages predators. It consumes various insects, as well as other spiders and spider eggs.