Where Do Brown Recluse Spiders Live?

Because brown recluse spiders are solitary and secretive, it can prove difficult to locate their dwellings. Almost any dark, undisturbed area can serve as harborage for brown recluse spiders. In nature, these spiders can be found beneath rocks and logs.

However, human-altered environments provide better conditions to brown recluse spiders than these natural settings. Brown recluse spiders may live inside boxes, clothing, shoes, furniture, bedding, rubber tires and other dry, dark, warm locations. Storage areas such as closets, basements and cellars are commonly inhabited. Because of their high reproductive potential, it is more common to find many of these spiders than to find just one.

Geographically, brown recluse spiders are endemic to the American South and Midwest. Although brown recluse bites are claimed in states outside of these regions, these bites, as well as those from within the recluse’s range, are most commonly a result of other medically related causes such as bacterial infections of the skin.