Characteristics of Six-Spotted Thrips

Like other thrips species, six-spotted thrips (Scolothrips sexmaculatus) are slender and measure less than 3 mm in length. The Scolothrips sexmaculatus have six spots upon their wings.

However, these thrips are not distinguishable from other species until they reach adulthood: their markings appear only in maturity. During the pupal stage, six-spotted thrips are almost translucent in color, turning yellow as they age.

Six-spotted thrips also do not share other thrips’ habit of feeding on fruits, plants and vegetables. Both adult and larval six-spotted thrips feed on cyclamen mites, spider mites and red mites. They are capable of greatly reducing populations of these pests, particularly in corn fields, and are considered by farmers to be beneficial for crop protection and growth. However, six-spotted thrips cannot survive in fields treated with insecticides.