Colorado Tick Fever

Colorado tick fever, or CTF, is an acute viral infection common throughout the western parts of the United States and some areas of Canada. CTF is also known as mountain fever, mountain tick fever and American mountain fever. It is prevalent in Colorado hence the name.

CTF is contracted through wood tick bites. However, signs of CTF may not appear until days after a bite.

In order to avoid Colorado tick fever, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts should wear light-colored clothing. Long sleeves are also advised and insect repellants may prove effective. Avoid straying from established trails and diligently inspect yourself for ticks.

In the event of a tick bite, never crush the specimen. Tweezers or forceps should be used to gently pull the tick away by its head region. All mouthparts must also be removed from the bite site. Always wash your hands and the site after removing a tick. If there are medical concerns, speak to a medical professional.