Oklahoma Rat Species

Aside from roof rats and Norway rats, the state of Oklahoma is also host to a variety of other species. The Texas kangaroo rat and the marsh rice rat are also found in Oklahoma.

The Texas kangaroo rat is smaller than most other rat species. Their tails are long and tipped in white. Texas kangaroo rats have only four toes. Named for their elongated hind legs, Texas kangaroo rats are capable of making heightened leaps. They are generally nocturnal in nature and feed on seeds and green vegetation. Texas kangaroo rats store food in cheek pouches in much the same way that squirrels do.

The marsh rice rat has a long, nearly hairless tail. Their bodies are grizzled, gray-brown in color with heavy traces of black. Marsh rice rats measure up to 250 mm in length, and most specimens weigh approximately 70 grams. As their name implies, marsh rice rats tend to inhabit marshy areas. However, they are also known to inhabit grasses and hedges that offer adequate food supplies and protective covering.