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How Do Paper Wasps Get in Homes?

paper wasp
Paper wasps prefer to build their nests in locations that are safe from wind, rain, animals and other threats to their colonies and larvae. Human homes are prime locations. Wasps commonly enter homes through small cracks and holes in a building’s eaves or around windows. Garages and storage sheds are also favorite locations for paper wasps to build nests. Some species will overwinter inside buildings during the winter to escape the cold.

Large Wasps Nest
Large Wasps Nest

To prevent wasps from entering your home, keep doors and windows closed or screened. Repair any large openings in the exterior of your home and be sure to inspect the eaves for possible points of entry. Keep garage and storage shed doors closed when they are not being used. If a wasp nest is located within your home, contact a pest control professional immediately to assist you in eradicating the colony.


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