Do It Yourself Termite Control

Basic Information

While there are a number of do it yourself termite control methods available in stores, it is always best to employ the services of a pest control professional when combating a termite infestation. These highly destructive insects are notoriously difficult to exterminate and can cause substantial, costly damage to your home if not treated with a science-based solution.

Control Methods

Pest control professionals are possessed of the knowledge, technology and chemicals necessary to eradicate a termite population from an infested home. Professionals are trained to address termite infestations with several methods of treatment that mayinclude bait stations, monitoring stations, sprays, foams and fumigation tents depending on termite species and situation.

Challenges of Control

Less potent versions of these do it yourself termite control treatment are available for purchase in stores. However, they are less likely to be entirely effective and your home is likely to experience continued infestation if they do not successfully eradicate the entire termite colony. Contact a pest control professional to arrange an inspection and discuss treatment options.