Home Remedies Termite Control

Basic Information

Termite infestations oftentimes do not make themselves known until their severity has exceeded the abilities of most home-remedy treatments. Termites are extremely destructive and can cause costly damage to the home when left untreated for long periods of time. Termites also tend to reinfest areas after control methods fail.

Control Methods

There are various termite control methods readily available in stores. They include sprays, baits and other products.

Challenges of Control

Many of the over-the-counter solutions are repellent to termites who will detect the application and find a way around it. One of the other challenges is that the size of termite colonies requires a thorough and complete treatment which many of these spot treatments will not accomplish. It is best to allow pest control professionals to design and implement a comprehensive extermination plan for your home. The costs incurred by employing the services of a professional will pale in comparison to those incurred by rampant structural damage caused by thriving termite colonies.