Infrared Cameras for Termite Control

Although pest control experts previously conducted inspections with a flashlight and a screwdriver, technological advances include the use of infrared cameras. These cameras detect high-risk, high-moisture areas as well as heat emitted by active termite colonies.

Infrared cameras allow termite inspectors to identify problem areas without invasive techniques. Some professionals use infrared in conjunction with more traditional inspection methods.

Termite colonies are difficult to detect before significant damage has been caused to infested structures. The presence of one winged termite often indicates a full-blown infestation. Other signs of termite presence, such as mud tunnels or piles of sawdust and feces, only become apparent after an infested area has been substantially hollowed. Severe infestations may lead to blistered, buckling wood. In order to address a suspected infestation before damage reaches this point, it is advised that homeowners employ the services of pest control professionals.