Microwave Termite Control

After a termite colony has been detected, numerous treatment options are available to homeowners. Some homeowners may opt for nonchemical treatments. Previously, these treatments proved ineffective. These treatments have limited effectiveness for most termite infestations. However, recent developments have led to the use of microwave technology in combating some species of termite colonies.

Microwave termite control is most effective against drywood termites. Drywoods are not commonly found in structural components outside of subtropical areas such as south Florida and southern California. During microwave termite control, insects die within infested walls. Because microwave treatment is a site-specific method, reliable detection is extremely important to ensure successful eradication. Microwave technology is not the preferred method of drywood termite control; however, some people prefer its use as an attempt to limit use of traditional products to control drywood termites. Few pest control companies use microwave technology. It is important to allow trained pest control professionals to conduct microwave termite control treatment, where available.