Termite Poison and Chemicals

A specialized assortment of products and equipment is necessary to effectively treat termite infestations. Termite control methods may be ineffective if incorrectly administered; it is advised that a pest control professional be contacted in the event of any suspected infestation.

Pest control professionals first assess the severity of the infestation by performing a complete inspection of a home or property for termites and their damage. These help to identify problem areas that require treatment. Monitoring stations can be replaced by termite bait stations, which contain slow-acting termite control bait. Although chemicals included in bait stations vary by manufacturer, all baits operate in the same manner: worker termites bring bait back to the colony and feed it to nymphs, soldiers and queens. Within a number of weeks or months, the entire affected termite population can die.

Baits are slow-acting and may require supplemental treatment. Insecticide residuals neutralize areas deemed immediate threats in order to prevent costly damages caused by continuous termite feeding. While these chemicals also are available in stores, they can be ineffective if administered incorrectly. Contact your local pest control expert to discuss all of your extermination options.