Termite Foundation Damage

Swarming Termites Alates
Swarming Termite Alates

Of the types of termites found in America, subterranean termites are the most common and are responsible for the most damage to structures.

Subterranean termites live underground, foraging in soil for food. Almost any exposed wood or gap underground can allow these termites enough access to cause significant damage to a home’s foundation. Worker termites also build tunnels from mud, saliva and feces, which they use to remain protected while traveling to above-ground food sources. Subterranean swarming termites most commonly start new colonies around homes in the late spring and summer, when mating swarms are active.

Termites Foundation Damage
Termite Damage to
Wooden Beam

In order to prevent extensive and costly damage to your home’s structure, a termite control barrier may be implemented. Pest control professionals may treat soil with pesticide and wooden frames with repellents. They may also use baits. Contact your local pest control experts to discuss foundation treatments.