Termite Nests/Mounds

Subterranean Termite Mud Tube
Termite Mud Tube

Termites are insects that live in colonies and create their own habitats. Queen, soldier, worker and larval termites live in nests or mounds. These termite nests are either located in the soil or wood.

Depending on the termite species, mud-based termite nests may be either subterranean or above ground in the wood. Both subterranean and above-ground termite nests also function as shelter and a place to rear their offspring.

Termite Nests / Mounds
Termite Tunnel

Termite nests have been reported to be extremely large, spreading over a 50 to 100 meter radius. Subterranean nests are comprised of internal roads which allow worker termites to gather and deliver food to the colony.

Some tropical subterranean termites build amazing above-ground mounds which can grow to be extremely tall; some mounds found in Africa and Australia stand six meters high. They utilize the same strong mud as subterranean nests and exhibit the same tough exterior.

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