Backyard tick treatment with dogs and children?

Question: I am interested in having my backyard treated for ticks. What are the precautions for tick treatment with dogs and children—I mean, is there a certain amount of time that people and pets have to wait after the treatment before they can go into the treated area? Does tick treatment need to be reoccurring?

ANSWER: Ticks are difficult to control in the areas around the house. They can continue to infest from outside this area. They are easily carried in on small animals, such as mice and rabbits.

The first step in reducing the ticks around the outside of the house is to limit the presence of small animals, so keep the grass cut short, and remove plants that may be attractive for food.

The yard can be sprayed for tick control. Most insecticide labels require that people and pets stay off the treated surface until it is dry. Because of the effect of weather, the treatment may have to be reapplied periodically. The local Orkin branch office can explain the details of the service. Please call them directly for more information.

The blacklegged tick (formerly known as the deer tick) is the primary vector of Lyme disease. Managing these ticks involves keeping the grass cut and reducing activity along edge environments. Most cases of Lyme disease are from infected blacklegged nymphs. Their habits are somewhat different from those of adult ticks. The nymphs spend most of their time on the ground, in the turf or the ground cover in the wood or the forest edge. This is the same habitat as their host, the white-footed mouse. Treating these areas may be an effective control for blacklegged tick nymphs (and adults).

Use insect repellent on pants and socks during the time ticks are active (spring), and be certain to inspect small children for ticks when they play in areas known to be infested.

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