Long, brown, hard shell bug that jumps

Question: Hi, I found a bug that has a long, brown, hard shell long and it jump. What could it be?

ANSWER: Probably what you have found are common camel crickets (sometimes called cave crickets). These insects have become pests in recent years. They look a bit strange with their long antennae, large hind legs, and absence of wings, but they are crickets (no chirping, though; something to be thankful for).

Camel crickets live in dark and moist areas and are often found in basements, crawlspaces, and garages. They do not do any significant damage to household materials as they feed on fresh and dead plant material. However, they can be a nuisance when they form large aggregations.

The best control would be to remove as much of the stuff they use to hide in, then maybe a general spraying with a garden insecticide of the infested sites. Also, close up any opening big enough to let the pests inside.

You might also try using cockroach bait stations (plastic) or cockroach gel baits where you think they are resting. Contact us for infestation problems. The Orkin Man is ready to help with inspection and control services.

illustration of camel cricket

camel cricket illustration

Read more about controlling crickets.

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