Can roaches be eliminated from a dwelling completely?

Question: Within the last two weeks, I have noticed roaches in my apartment. I have been here for six months without a single pest problem. I can't stand it. I have a few months left in my lease, but I need this issue addressed before moving. Can roaches be eliminated from a dwelling completely?

ANSWER: It’s often a difficult battle to try to control cockroaches, and any method used is going to take time. If you have not seen the pests in your apartment before, it is a good indication that there may have been a recent introduction of cockroaches into your complex. Unfortunately, cockroaches can readily move from one unit to another using wall voids, plumbing, and electrical chaseways. While your apartment may be spotless, if the neighbors are not diligent in doing their part, it will present a problem.

I would recommend contacting your property management office and making sure that you obtain professional help in the area of pest control. Taking care of cockroaches is a concerted effort on many fronts, and control takes time and effort on your part as well as your neighbors'. Just treating your unit will not be sufficient to achieve control of the situation.

Orkin provides services to apartment complexes, and setting up an inspection is easy. Ask the management to call the Orkin Man and set up a comprehensive inspection of the complex.

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