Can you spray for rats?

Question: I’m working in a granite shop, and we have a lot of rats. They are big and ugly. I wonder if there exists any spray or something similar which can kill rats. Please let me know.


ANSWER: There is no “spray” treatment for rats. The issue is to determine why the rats are there in the first place. Rats come in from the outside, looking for food, shelter and water. If your company is providing any of these, there will be rats. Rodent control is a very involved process that requires skilled personnel to ensure all attractants to rodents are eliminated.

Rats can enter through openings as small as a quarter (25¢ coin). All potential access points for rats should be inspected and sealed. Trim tree limbs that hang over the building. Make sure exterior doors close tightly and replace any missing weather stripping. If there are wooded areas surrounding your shop, these need to be kept trimmed and clean. Dumpster corrals need to be kept clean, and dumpsters need to be always closed and in a good state of repair. Pallets, boxes, lumber and other items the rodents could hide under need to be removed.

Call your local Orkin branch and request a qualified Orkin Pest Specialist to come to your location to inspect and assess the extent of the infestation. Your Orkin Pest Specialist will make recommendations on ways to remove conditions that are attractive to rodents and develop a customized treatment plan to control the infestation.


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