I have a carpenter bee infestation.

Question: I have an infestation of carpenter bees. Does Orkin take care of carpenter bee problems, or what do I have to do to get rid of them?


ANSWER: Carpenter bees can be a serious problem for owners of conventional houses and log houses. Carpenter bees are the large insects that look like bumble bees. Carpenter bees have shiny abdomens. Bumble bees are covered with tiny hairs, so they look fuzzy.

Carpenter bees create holes in wood around homes. They make holes in siding soffits, decks, posts and painted or bare wood, especially when the paint is old, of barns and sheds. They have even been found making holes in wooden lawn furniture. These bees will make the holes for nests to lay their eggs in the galleries they dig out. They are solitary bees, but can occur in large numbers. At times, several species may use the same entrance hole in a piece of wood but have separate galleries inside.

Typically they are not aggressive, but the female can sting. Males do not possess a stinger but buzz about someone when they believe they are threatened.

Yes, contact your local Local Orkin Branch Office and set up an inspection with a trained Orkin Pest Specialist who will inspect and come up with a customized treatment plan for the bees. Your highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist will treat the holes and make recommendations on ways to treat the wood on the exterior so it discourages the carpenter bee activity. Once the treatment is done, it is highly recommended that the homeowner plug the holes with wood putty, caulk or a dowel prior to the fall.


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