Do drain flies bite?

Question: The past two apartments I've lived in had bugs (fleas and drain flies, according to Orkin).

I have two questions:

1. My first apartment had fleas — I got rid of everything I own that Orkin told me they would attach to.

My question: Will the fleas reproduce in my appliances, such as my computer? I kept the boxes the computer came in, was that a poor choice?

2. My second apartment was located behind an untreated pond. Orkin said I had drain flies. To my understanding, correct me if I'm wrong, drain flies don't bite? Ever since I've moved into my third apartment, I still itch (not as bad as before). I find these small, black, fuzzy things (look like black specs) when I wash off in the shower. They irritate my skin when they bite. Could the fleas have followed me?


1. Yes, the fleas could have "followed you" (in a sense, they would have been in some of your belongings).

If you have pets, first treat them. Wash or discard all of their bedding. Also, purchase any of the flea control products available for sale and apply them.

Next, vacuum! This pulls eggs and fleas in other stages of their life cycle from the carpet and will help once treatment is applied. Even after done, continue to vacuum the carpet regularly.

2. No, drain flies do not bite. Get more information on controlling drain flies.

If you need a service for drain flies, as they are a small filth fly, contact us to set up service.


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