Do you have anything to get rid of squirrels in the attic?

Question: How do I get whatever it is out of my walls? I haven’t seen them and can’t find where they enter. I just hear them running around and chewing on stuff.

ANSWER: This could be a squirrel, but it could also be a rodent like a roof rat.

Squirrels are difficult to control, whether inside or outside the house. When squirrels get into attics they have to be live trapped, and this is not easy. This is because squirrel control typically involves/requires cages, then sealing the attic so they can not return.

Rodents like roof rats will tunnel through insulation and even chew through electrical wiring.

In any case the best course of action is to determine what is in your attic. An Orkin Pest Specialist can look at the droppings and determine whether or not they came from a rat or a squirrel. The Pest Specialist will also look for other signs of infestation by either animal. Your Orkin Pest Specialist can identify points of entry and make recommendations on how to keep them outside of your attic.

In some states controlling squirrels requires a Wildlife Control (trapper) license. Many of our Orkin branches have Specialists licensed to do this work. As part of a consolidated group of Pest Control companies, your Orkin Pest Control branch could also recommend one of our sister companies that does Wildlife Control.

In any case the first step is to call your local Orkin Branch Office and set up an inspection for your home by a qualified Pest Control Specialist.

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Question: I have a crawl space above my house that sounds as if squirrels or something may have gotten in there. I can’t be sure if they’re squirrels or mice, but I assume squirrels because I hear a lot of scurrying around up there (particularly at night) and sometimes I hear gnawing, but no squeaking. I live in an area that has quite a few trees and have seen squirrels on leaping on roofs around the neighborhood. Although I’ve seen little burrow holes around the house foundation, I’ve not seen any signs of rodents, like droppings, food, etc. What would you recommend as the best course of action for treating these pests? I don’t want to lay out poison as that will cause a horrible odor of decay when they die and the location and removal of their remains would be difficult.

Question: Do you have anything to get rid of squirrels in the attic?

Question: Are squirrels considered rodents when they are in the attic and eating away at my house, and does Orkin treat for them?

Question: We have just found a squirrel in our home and have at this time got rid of the little creature, but I am wondering if you have a treatment to keep them out of my home. Also, do you inspect to find out where they are entering my home?


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