What is making the high-pitched chirp I hear at night?

Question: Last night my I heard a sound in my living room that I thought was a smoke detector battery going dead. It was sort of high pitched and electronic sounding. After waking my daughter and following the sound we discovered that it was coming from an insect that looked like a roach with wings. It was less than an inch and brown.

We knew the noise was coming from the bug because it stopped when we killed it. Have you any idea what kind of bug it is?

ANSWER: Well, it could have been one of several crickets. It would be difficult to give you a definite identification without a specimen and an inspection of your home. This is exactly what an Orkin Pest Specialist can do for you. Your Orkin Pest Specialist will come to your home, conduct a thorough inside and outside inspection, make an assessment of the situation and develop a customized treatment plan based on science that best fits your need. Call your local Orkin Branch Office today.

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