How to kill hobo spiders

Question: I love Orkin; I also love the men who have helped me. I read an article last night on the internet that said hobo spiders can’t be killed by anything but traps, and all chemicals do is make the spiders angry, nothing else. Please tell me that is not true.

ANSWER: The group of spiders that make up the yellow-sac spiders and hobo spiders are responsible for a large number of spider bites indoors in the U.S. Hobo spiders are not good climbers, so when they come indoors they are more common on lower floors.

These two spiders are small and yellowish brown. They eat insects which they trap in funnel like webs. The hobo spider is concentrated in the Northwest, while the yellow-sac spiders are found nearly throughout the U.S.

The first step in controlling spiders is to eliminate the insects around the home. Inspect the outside and seal any openings that they could use to get in. Make sure exterior doors close tightly and replace any damaged weather stripping. Repair any damaged screens on vents and basement windows. Make sure the access door to the crawl space closes tightly.

Eliminate insect hiding places wherever possible. Rake mulch away from the foundation. Move firewood away from the house. Trim the grass that grows next to the foundation.

Inspect carefully, especially in basements. Remove any spider webbing with a vacuum. Sticky traps are a quick way to remove hunting spiders and males that are seeking mates. Place the traps in corners in dark areas like closets or basements. Make sure children and pets cannot get into the traps. Insecticide will kill spiders when applied correctly. The Orkin Pest Specialist can help with that. That being said, the best use of an insecticide is to kill the food the spiders are feeding on, insects.

Call the local Orkin Branch Office, and an Orkin Pest Specialist will develop a customized treatment plan based on science that best fits your needs.

More information on controlling hobo spiders.

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Question: I live in Utah, and believe I have thousands of hobo spiders living around my foundation. Fortunately, not many get inside my home, for which I have placed spider traps throughout. My question is, do you have a way to eradicate this pest from my home, keeping in mind that I am expecting twin boys in the next week or so?


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