Is the lady bug a protected species in the state of Maryland?

Question: Is the lady bug a protected species in the state of Maryland? I know that this beetle is great for killing bugs that are destructive. However, I've been told by numerous pest companies that this is a protected species, and that they will not exterminate them in the home. They suggest that I just sweep them up and throw them outside. What do you think?

ANSWER: That's a question that is asked a lot. Because they eat aphids and other insects, lady bugs are considered "Beneficial," and so people don't want to kill them (some gardeners even BUY them to put into their gardens). Since they are beneficial and not a typical "Household Pest," the myth grew that they are "Protected."

Lady bugs are a nuisance though, specially when they enter the home in large numbers. To help with the control, contact your local Orkin Branch Office, and a highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist will assess the situation, look for entry points and recommend ways to exclude the pest, and customize a scientifically proven treatment plan for you.

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