There are little black bugs crawling in my bathroom.

Question: I found little black bugs crawling in my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. They were also in my cabinets attacking the brown sugar and in the bathroom closet attacking the mouthwash and cough medicine. Are these ants? I have been spraying inside and it is helping some, but I am still getting them.

Also, I have bad insulation that got wet and moldy that I am in the process of removing. Could they be living in there, or would they be more likely to be in my crawl space or outside in my aluminum siding? How much do you charge to come out after the free inspection?

ANSWER: The small black ants you have seen could be ''odorous house ants.''

This being said, ant species identification is critical when it goes to controlling them. Applying the incorrect treatment to ants can actually turn a bad situation into a worse one. While these ants we may think are attracted to sugars and sweets like that found in your mouthwash, cough medicine, and even toothpaste, it could also be another species. The key here is to properly identify the ant and come up with the correct treatment. A highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist can do this for you. Once the assessment is complete, a customized treatment backed by science will be developed and implemented.  Call your local Orkin Branch Office today for assistance.


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