Why are there maggots in my kitchen?

Question: We have found maggots in the corners of the kitchen floor. The home is only about 7 yrs old w/sound brick structure. No signs of anything to “feed off of” on the floor, under the windows or in the crawl space. Where could they come from and why are they here?

ANSWER: You may have maggots, like you think, and not see what they are feeding on. Maggots will leave their food source in order to pupate in a dryer environment. It could also be the larva from Indian meal moths that are looking for a place to pupate. There is really no way to determine the moth or fly the maggots or larvae belong to without a proper inspection. At this stage they could be phorid flies, Indian meal moths, or even drain flies.

Call your Orkin Pest Control branch office and set up an inspection of your home. A highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist will conduct a thorough inspection and, after assessing the issue, develop a customized treatment plan that best fits you.

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