Can you use moth crystals in luggage for bed bugs?

Question: My mom lives in New York. My children recently visited her. After their arrival, my mom informs me that she has bed bugs. My children have since returned. Should I get someone to come to my house to inspect for bed bugs? Do you think they traveled with us to Virginia? How can I find them? I am scratching because of the thought, but no one else seems affected. I'm petrified of a possible infestation. What should I do?

ANSWER: It is possible that you brought them back. They would hitch a ride in luggage and material that were next to the bed or in the room that was infested.

Some people have said that placing some moth crystals in the luggage you used is very helpful. Personally, I would not want the inside of my luggage smelling like mothballs. Also make sure the label states that it can be used in that manner. If you live in a hot climate you can put the luggage in black plastic bags, seal them and leave them in the hot sunlight for a week; this may work as well and be safer than the mothballs.  The only way to be sure that your children did not bring any back is to be vigilant and set up an inspection by an Orkin Certified Bed Bug Specialist by calling your local Orkin Branch Office. Should there be any evidence of bed bugs, the inspector will set up a customized treatment plan for your that is backed by the latest scientific advances in bed bug control.

Your mother should consider getting rid of these pests before it gets worse. I would recommend that she contact her local Orkin Branch Office and set up a bed bug inspection by a Certified Bed Bug Specialist. The inspector can provide a customized treatment plan backed by the latest scientific advances in bed bug control that best meets her needs.


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