Mouse droppings in the house

Question: My family had a mouse problem earlier this year. Around January my mom was seeing a lot of droppings in the kitchen and we were seeing droppings in all of our bedrooms. I never saw it in my room until one day I came home, opened my bedroom door and I saw the mouse look at me then speed right by me. We set out traps that night and caught the mouse that night. We cleaned up our kitchen and bedrooms and have not seen any new droppings in there. Now we have found more droppings, but I think they are old because they were in places in the house we didn't clean yet and were very close to the kitchen. We cleaned out the closet by the kitchen where we have seen the old droppings and have not seen any more. My mom thinks I might be paranoid because I saw old droppings. I think I am paranoid too because we have not seen any new droppings or heard any noises or scratching or even seen a mouse, so do you think we are good? I believe I am paranoid.

Answer: Everybody has a part of the answer. It is uncommon to have just one mouse in the house; usually there are several because they multiply very quickly (house mouse) or several of them will invade buildings in the winter (field mice). But it is possible to have just one... but not likely if there was a lot of droppings in several rooms. The best way to resolve this is to set more snap traps. Set a lot of snap traps (a lot of them), everywhere you have seen droppings and see what happens. My thought is that you will catch a few more mice.


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