Pest Control for Japanese Beetles

Question: Do you provide pest control for Japanese Beetles?

Answer: The local Branch office may be able to provide this service, but you’ll have to call them directly.

The best control for the adults is to spray the trees they are attacking early in the morning. Even a blast of water from a hose would help discourage them from staying there; insecticides will have to be applied every few days to keep them off. These beetles are susceptible to most garden insecticides. It is best to use a product that is recommended for treating ornamental plants, because these formulations will not harm the plants.

Traps may be used to supplement insecticide treatment, but will rarely protect plants from Japanese beetle attack. Research with ornamental plants (roses) showed that the traps did not provide sufficient protection.

Treat the turf grass in mid July, or when you think the adults have been out for about three weeks; this gives them time to lay eggs, the eggs to hatch and the first stage grubs to be near the surface of the soil so that they will be killed by the application of an insecticide. Use granular or liquid insecticide-but for year you may have to ‘water it in’ to get some results. Control too early in the spring (before eggs laid) or too late in the fall (grubs too big or not near the surface) will not be effective.


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