My sister has a raccoon on her rooftop.

Question: My sister has a raccoon on her rooftop. This is the third one in

three weeks. Do you handle this type of removal? If so, what is your cost?

If not, can you please lead me in the right direction?

ANSWER: The raccoon (Procyon lotor) is native to the Americas. It is one of the most successful animals in the urban and suburban habitat. It has adapted well to scavenging human garbage for food. Raccoons use the sites around houses and outbuildings for shelter.

The adults are active almost through the year. Males travel a wide area, but females generally remain close to their den. The young (about five per year) are born in April-May.

The first step is to understand that raccoons learn quickly. If they encounter garbage or other sources of food around houses, they will return to those sites often. Keep garbage in sealed containers. Close off any areas under porches, crawl spaces or sheds that may provide a nest.

If they are getting on your roof, make sure you cut back any tree limbs that are in contact with your home or are over your roof. Make sure all entry points around the roof such as vents, vent pipes, chimneys, soffits or fascia boards are nonexistent. They can get into your attic and cause a large amount of damage.

These animals sometimes carry rabies, so do not attempt to handle them. They are cute, but they can bite and they are not as friendly as they look!

Contact your local Orkin Branch Office for  details about raccoon removal and wildlife services.


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