Should I knock down wasp nests?

Question: I have wasps—I think they’re yellow jackets and they make hives that look kind of like a beehive. From what I’ve read, the queen stays alive during the winter but is the only wasp in the nest. I’d like to knock the nests down before they start to multiply for the season. Would it be fairly safe to knock out the nests at this time of year?

ANSWER: The wasp nests are empty this time of year, and they will not be used again—so you can remove them. Wasp control is best done in the spring when queens are building new nests.

Yellow jacket nests are usually underground and will have some individuals to start the colony up again next year. Unless you can dig the nest out, the best way to take care of the issue is to get a professional.

Your local Orkin Branch office will send a highly trained Orkin Pest specialist to your house who can apply the proper products safely to either paper wasps, hornets, or yellow jacket nests. These are scientifically proven approaches to treatments that are fully customized to meet your needs. Call the local Orkin branch office to set up your service.


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