What are the tendencies of powder post beetles?

Question: What are the tendencies of powder post beetles? Can they live in moisture content of less than 5 percent? Will they migrate and how?

ANSWER: Some powder post beetles can survive at moisture contents below 5 percent, depends on what stage they are in.

When the adult beetle comes out of the wood, they may reinfest that same wood, or they may move to another area to lay their eggs. They can also be transported—firewood is the most common method.

When firewood has been stored near the fireplace, adult beetles can come out of the logs and move into some of the wood around the room. From there the infestation can spread through the house. This is why we recommend keeping wood piles outside and away from the house. Only bring firewood inside when you intend to burn it.

If you suspect your home has been subjected to an infestation of wood-boring beetles, call your local Orkin Branch Office. A highly trained Orkin Inspector will gladly conduct a thorough whole-home inspection and customize any required treatment plan that best fits your needs.

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