What are the tiny red dot bugs around my windows and doors?

Question: I have a 2-3 year-old townhouse. What are the teeny-tiny red dot bugs that show up in my windows and near doors? Are they dangerous to the integrity of the house?

ANSWER: These are probably clover mites. They are small, reddish mites, about the size of the head of a pin and usually moving around very quickly.  Problems with these mites usually occur in the spring, but there are regions that also experience population increases in the fall.

These mites live and feed in turfgrass and for the most part remain unnoticed. Every once in a while (and we don’t know why!) populations get very large and the mites start to migrate from the grass. They usually move out of the grass and up the sides of houses. Sometimes they enter houses through windows and doors. They will not infest the house and will not bite people or pets (remember, they are plant feeders), but they can be a nuisance.

A good control method is to wash them off the side of the house with a garden hose, and you can vacuum them from sites indoors.

For additional treatment, specially perimeter treatments around your house contact your local Orkin Branch Office. A highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist will assess the situation and develop a customized solution backed by science that best meets your needs.

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Question: We have these tiny little bugs that seem to keep coming in through the windows. Size of a pinhead, move very slowly, round body, sort of black with brown. I find one here and there, primarily on windowsills, so I assume they are coming in through the window. It doesn’t seem to be a full-blown infestation. Any idea what it could be, and what I should do?

Question: What are very tiny little red-looking bugs? They come from the outside in through the windows, we kill them and then new ones show up again.

Question: I have little tiny mite-looking red bugs walking on the walls when it rains. If I leave some water sitting out in the kitchen they gather around it. They’re not bigger than sawdust. Very small.

Question: Hi, I went to open some windows in my house today and noticed on some of my windowsills (mostly just the two windows in our above ground basement) there were what looked like tiny brown paint speckles but they were bugs. Most were not moving and appeared dead but there were a few that were alive and moving. There were also a bunch on the carpet below the windows. They were so tiny I could not even see what they looked like, but I just wondered if you have had experience with this before and if you can give me any info on this bug. Thanks!

Question: I have super tiny bugs coming in my house from the outside. They are about 1mm in size and appear mainly on walls by windows or baseboards. If you barely touch them with your fingertip, you end up killing them. They appear to be long, not round. Do you have any idea what these bugs are, and can you guarantee that you can get rid of them permanently?


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