How do we get a wasp nest down from above our door?

Question: We have a wasp nest above our front door, and we don’t know how to get it down or get the wasps out of it. My question is, how do we get rid of a wasp nest that is high up above our heads?

ANSWER: Controlling wasp nests is not easy and often dangerous, be careful!

If the nest is out of the way—as yours seems to be—it may be best to leave it alone. These insects are not naturally aggressive if the nest is not disturbed. The workers and queen will die when winter comes. The new queens will hibernate until spring when they will start new nests.

Call your local Orkin Branch Office. A highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist will come to your home and assess the situation. Once the assessment is complete, your Orkin Specialist will make recommendations on the best way to approach the issue with the wasp nest. If needed, a customized solution backed by science will be implemented to meet your needs and protect your family against stings.

Your Orkin Pest Specialist will treat the nest, if active, using insecticides and equipment that will allow the treatment from a distance to protect against stings. Once the wasps die, your Orkin Specialist will remove the nest to avoid leaving dead insects inside the nest that could tun into a larger problem by attracting scavengers.


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