What are the benefits of bugs?

At Orkin, we’re always working for you – whether it’s treating for harmful pests or educating you on beneficial bugs. Believe it or not, there are several insect species that are particularly helpful for you, your home and your garden. Orkin is breaking down the benefits of these top four friendly insects:

  1. Ladybug: Consider yourself lucky if you spot one of these insects. They pray on harmful garden pests, like aphids and whiteflies.
  2. Green lacewing: The benefits of these bugs don’t escape The Orkin Man. They’re known for eating harmful pests that damage field crops and orchards.
  3. Bumble bee: Sure, no one likes a bee sting, but these important pollinators are responsible for 80% of the pollination of fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables in the United States.
  4. Ground beetle: Like Orkin, ground beetles are always working for you, eating slugs, snails and maggots that have an appetite for your garden.